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Welcome to Candlethings..... We offer a collection of gel candle ideas, including handcrafted stone miniatures suitable for embedding in gel candles.  We also have a selection of glass embeds, fragrance oils, wicks, and other candlemaking supplies.  We are continuously adding new things to our inventory.

Gel candles are the newest thing in candles.  They burn approximately twice as long as wax candles and have a bright flame that illuminates the candle and any objects embedded within.  They are fun to make and open up many avenues of creativity.

These miniature objects are made from a hard stone material.  They are strong and durable.  Each is handpainted, then coated with several layers of sealer.  All materials used to make these designs are NON-Flammable.  They are suitable for using as embeds in gel candles or for other craft activities.  Instructions for use in gel candles are included with each order. 

We have a large selection of high quality glass embeds.  We are continually looking for more items that meet our standards for quality and appearance.

NOW IN STOCK - Gel-safe fragrance oils, wicks, and other candlemaking supplies!
Quality Supplies for Gel Candles!
Embeds, wicking, color, sand, fragrance oils, glitter, gel candlemaking kits, and more...
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